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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

US military to be in Iraq for "the next few decades"

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Jay Garner, the former interim administrator of post-conflict reconstruction efforts in Iraq, said Thursday that a U.S. military presence in Iraq should be in Iraq for "the next few decades"...

Could this be why we're revamping the Draft Board?

(Kudos to Bob Harris for bringing this up.)

Saudi Oil May Soon Decline, Causing Trouble

Saudi Aramco says its dominance in world oil markets will grow because, "if required," it can expand its capacity to 12 million barrels a day or more by "making necessary investments," according to written responses to questions submitted by The New York Times.

But some experts are skeptical. Edward O. Price Jr., a former top Saudi Aramco and Chevron executive and a leading United States government adviser, says he believes that Saudi Arabia can pump up to 12 million barrels a day "for a few years." But "the world should not expect more from the Saudis," he said. He expects global oil markets to be in short supply by 2015.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

ITEM 1) What Really Happened To Bush in 1972?

For example, what if, rather than being grounded for missing a physical as the terse report we have all seen suggests, George W. was grounded for some other reason, such as an arrest? It would not be unusual for a guardsman to be suspended for being arrested, especially for certain types of offenses. It would also not be terribly unusual for the son of a prominent politician who was grounded verbally for being arrested to be afforded the courtesy of having his record reflect only the somewhat less embarrassing fact that he failed to take a required physical examination.

What if, then, George H. W. Bush used his political clout to convince Dubya's judge that instead of jail time, Little George should be enrolled in a community service program? What if Bush I, seeing the conflict this substantial time commitment would have on Dubya's ability to complete his Guard requirements, saw to it that in addition to being absolved of criminal wrongdoing, Bush II's service would count toward his TANG commitment as well?

And, just for fun, let's imagine what would happen to our picture of this flawed but fundamentally honest man if we found out that Bush had sent his campaign people to Texas in the late 90's to destroy any records that might prove this story to be accurate. How do you think that would go over with the Wyoming, Colorado and Montana families who comprise Dubya's most ardent base?

Soon, and very soon, we'll be able to stop wondering, because the foregoing description isn't hypothetical at all. It's exactly what happened. Three different sources told James Hatfield in 1998 that Dubya was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972. Dubya's 1972 stint at the community service organization, Project PULL, is still advertised in the President's bio on the State Department website in what I can only imagine is a gross oversight by the White House Truth Department.

The reason Bush got retirement credit and pay for service in 1972 despite the fact that his superiors on the military bases to which he was assigned never saw him is because he was not training at an Air Force Base but spending time in a community center with underprivileged children, working off his coke arrrest. And the story of Bill Beckett, who saw the trashed remains of Lieutenant Bush's service record in a military trash can, confirms the purge was the work of Bush staffers, working with the complicity of high-ranking Guard officers.

ITEM 2) About that Community Service?
Very relevant to the above scenario. Whitehouse Press Secretary is repeatedly asked whether President Bush did community service during the time he was supposed to be in the National Guard. And he repeatedly dodges the question with those ridiculous dances that White House Press Secretaries do.

A few days old: J. Edgar Hoover's exhumation cancelled...for now. The troubling subpoenas of Drake University's students and the subpoena of records from the University regarding a peace forum have been cancelled because of protest.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The mainstream press is looking into George aWol Bush's military service without sneering.


Bush Approval ratings hit a new low.

Discussion about how this could be a paradigm shift (one, two).